Hope. An unknown word to the masses, the thing that most rely on, but very rarely give credit to it. All too often I hear things like “why hope?” “what is the point of hoping?”. It is really quite simple. Why not? Hope has a great power, it can help bring to life peoples greatest aspirations, however it can also cause some of the worst tragedies. Like love, hope can create or destroy. Yet hope is still worth...

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You know everyday more and more, I find myself thinking of one thing constantly. I don’t really know what brought it on, but I just can’t help but wonder, how will I be remembered? This one question haunts me like no other that has come before it, yet another question always seems to follow this one as if it were always there just waiting to be revealed, will I be remembered? I know this is very early in my life to think...

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Change and Passion

Raise your glass everyone, the fire is reborn anew, and it’s time for the first rant of the new year. Change and passion, what is one without the other, a whisper in the shroud of outspoken voice. One can ask for change at any time, but will that change happen. Passion compels listening, but what is the message. Combine the two, passion and change, and a wildfire bursts out, something that can only be quenched once that change...

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