The Great Mother

Caressed the skin of the blazing earth, a single man stood resolute. Calmly the man waters the great mother, coaxing her with loving words of better times. The great mother knew all too well her time was fading, so she gathered all her strength to the man, yes the last man whom the mother trusted. She whispered to this man with the last of her strength, “Take with you these words of wisdom of which I utter. No longer let silence...

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The light has faded The journey is ending The battle has begun The troops are screaming The flags are blazing The war has just begun The sirens blare The fires unquenchable The siege has begun The enemies flag raised Over the city of friendship The battle is over The rebels are rising The buildings are burning The fight for freedom begins The scouts are annihilated The field lay ridden with corpses The occupiers have retreated The new...

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