Okay abortion rights are highly controversial in nature. I can see both sides and can even understand them. However that still doesn’t mean that you can take a mother’s right away to not want to have a child. I mean in reality when a woman is allowed to have an abortion the baby isn’t exactly understanding what is happening. Not to mention would you really want a baby to be born to parents who are not fit to take care of them and then possibly end up either having an abused child or a child ending up in foster care because the parents gave it away.¬† I’m not saying either of those things would happen all the time. But honestly if a parent wanted an abortion and are not allowed to have one they will end up resenting their child which is not something any child should have to go through. Again I’m not saying that happens all the time in other cases things may very well work out for the parents of that child. Whether it be a single mother who was raped and couldn’t have an abortion even if she wanted to. She could still have an amazing life and a great life for the child that she birthed. In any other situation the parent(s) and child(ren) could very well have excellent lives. However they could be terrible as well. But really the biggest matter at hand is. Can the government really tell you what to do with your own unborn child or your body for that matter. They really can’t I mean some politicians would like to think so. But in reality if a woman is pregnant and does not want to be it should be her choice to have an abortion not some politician in Washington D.C or some politician in the state capital. Or anywhere else for that matter. I am not an anarchist by any means. But their are some boundaries that the government should¬† not cross which includes the basic right for woman to have an abortion if they so please. Or for that matter making woman get abortion insurance so they can have an abortion. That is a farcical thing to do especially in today’s economy. But in reality that is essentially making it so poor people cannot have an abortion but anyone who can afford the insurance can. But that is only in the states that actually allow abortion with the stipulation of insurance being required. So anyway if it is the matter of a woman and her body which during the point of the abortion it should be her choice as to what she will do with the baby so long as it is not to far along.

Thank You. Also if you haven’t noticed yet I am by far pro-choice.

Author: Dustin

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