Atheist and Agnostic

Despite what some may believe. People who choose to believe in nothing or are open minded that there could very well be a higher power but choose not to acknowledge it. These people whether they choose the title of Atheist or Agnostic are not heartless. I’ve heard all to often that people with no faith such as Atheist and Agnostic people have no morals and no compassion. Just by uttering that statement shows just how ignorant people can be. When in reality people of little or no faith can be some of the most caring and genuine people on this planet. They can be the most peaceful and loving as well. Yet a lot of people would believe that they are nothing more than a heartless group of people. I find that appalling especially when I know many people who are either Atheist or Agnostic people and as I said before they are much more compassionate and loving than almost any other people I know. Not to mention I’m not trying to sound totally against people of any other faith but they are much more tolerant than most other people. That being said I know several extremely religious people who are great people and very compassionate who are also very tolerant.

Just remember everyone if you are going to judge someone at least give them time to show you who they really are before you just pass judgement based on something like religion. Especially when you could be even more wrong than you could possibly imagine. You may think some random christian is a evil person who pickets gay marriage. When in reality he/she could be an advocate to the LGBT community. Or vice-versa you could meet and Atheist and think they are a devil worshiping evil doer. When in reality they are social workers who save kids from bad homes. They could be charity workers who just want to make the world a better place.

Really the overall lesson to be learned is don’t judge a book by it’s cover. If you do you could very well lose the opportunity of a lifetime to embark on a journey of open minded enlightenment.

Author: Dustin

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