The light has faded
The journey is ending
The battle has begun

The troops are screaming
The flags are blazing
The war has just begun

The sirens blare
The fires unquenchable
The siege has begun

The enemies flag raised
Over the city of friendship
The battle is over

The rebels are rising
The buildings are burning
The fight for freedom begins

The scouts are annihilated
The field lay ridden with corpses
The occupiers have retreated

The new flag is raising
The capital burns
The citizens eyes glimmering

The story of a war
Always continuous
Always bloodying

The story of life
A battlefield of earth
A battlefield of mind

For war is waged
Just as much in the hearts of man
As it is on the earth

Never forget the demons of war
Are also the plague of the mind
Both illnesses to every person alive.

Author: Dustin

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