Change and Passion

Raise your glass everyone, the fire is reborn anew, and it’s time for the first rant of the new year. Change and passion, what is one without the other, a whisper in the shroud of outspoken voice. One can ask for change at any time, but will that change happen. Passion compels listening, but what is the message. Combine the two, passion and change, and a wildfire bursts out, something that can only be quenched once that change is struck into the physical world, and no longer an ideal of few, but a eventuality of the many. So for those of you that want change, let light the fire inside of you, don’t sit and idly complain, use the passion you were given at birth and fight for it, not with our fists, but with your words. All too many times I have heard complaints, and yet no action is taken, I am even guilty of this. Yet every time any person complains they should open their mind and think, is this really justifiable to complain about, and if it is then maybe they should think not of useless complaints, but a plan for change. Find the allies to the cause of which you believe, if there are none then stand alone on the hill of fiery change, let the blaze of passion follow you, then with that passion strike into the hearts of the many, with your words ablaze, and let the flames of passion envelope them, so that they can see the light of your truth. Never forget though a passion forced onto another will only create false belief, a belief so awful that shall spread like a cancer through the cause, eliminating purpose and passion, leaving only fear.

Author: Dustin

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