I must say I do love cooking food and working in a kitchen. That being said school is much more important (for me personally) than culinary education. For those who expect me to think differently I can only laugh. Mainly due to the fact that in reality. The only thing I plan on using these culinary skills that I get are for a job while getting my college degree. Then later or earlier for making fromĀ  scratch romantic dinners. That is about all I can think of.

As for things I can learn in regular school. I can take social issues which will directly impact my college years. Due to the fact that I am most likely going into Political Science (government), so then I can proceed to enter the world of politics. Although I am not saying I will run for president since I promise I would not win an election due to my views on many things and the status of my sexual orientation. That being said I do intend on entering politics at a local if not national level. No matter where I start though would really all depend on what positions are available and the level of advancement I have available to me.

For that matter I love the idea of traveling which culinary could very well help me do. But not at the level I desire. I want to travel the world and find a place that I can settle down in when I grow old. I may not be able to move to England or Australia as soon as I would like but that is a dream of mine I plan to find a way to make possible.

But overall culinary is just less important than school just because it is really only important for those who plan to go into the culinary as a career and not just a job. That is not what I’m going to do. I know some that will. But that being said not everyone is made for the culinary industry. I am one of those people who are not made for it.

Thank you for listening to my thoughts on culinary education vs. regular schooling.

Author: Dustin

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