I find it funny how most don’t believe in teen love. Especially when it can actually happen I mean if you look at my parents generation, a majority of them married their high school sweet hearts. Then when everyone looks at my generation they think we are stupid and don’t know what love is. I mean come on that is just insane especially when you are telling us what we don’t know. Even when they themselves married the one they fell for in high school. Yet we can’t do that. Their comes a time when parents need to acknowledge that children do understand things. Not to mention if they are going to criticize us they need to live our lives. I mean they think it was bad back then which I bet it was as far as the economy goes and what not. But everything isn’t all butterflies and rainbows in our lives either. Yeah they had to deal with the stress of money and holding the family together. But what we have to deal with is a society that considers us all essentially stupid and inept to make our own decisions. We have to deal with all of the emotional stress of high expectations and the hurtful words that are thrown around all over the place. Some of us also have to deal with the economic stresses. We have to grow up faster than anyone else ever has. We had to become mediators. We are expected to fix all the problems that other generations have created. we are challenged with creating a better future. I have not argument with that as it is essentially true. But they must realize that they are essentially putting the weight of the world on us before most of us are even entering college. But with all those expectations they also call us idiots and say we aren’t good enough to make our own decisions until we are eighteen. We aren’t smart enough to know what love is and how to identify if someone else loves us. That is a major problem in society today. The entirety of society expects so much of us yet doesn’t allow us to make our own decisions. If we are not allowed to do that then how will we learn lessons. As if we do not make any mistakes ourselves then we will never truly learn anything in life other than what our parents and our teachers have taught us. In reality with the knowledge of the previous generation we can only really make the same mistakes and decisions that they themselves made already. We need to learn for ourselves how to fix things or they need to drop their expectations because one way or the other something needs to change because in reality the fight between these two forces is destroying us and our minds.

Thank You for listening.

Author: Dustin

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