Real or not real?

Sadly enough in this world which we live on. We consider many people friends but in reality are they really friends. Let me tell you what a real friend is. A real friend would stick with you no matter what, through thick and thin. They would be their to laugh at you when you fall down but still offer you a hand to get up. They would defend you no matter how much trouble they got in. A real friend sticks by you no matter how much stuff hits the fan.

Now I bet you are wondering what a fake friend is. They are someone who enters your life being all chummy and nice. They will be with you when your at your best. But as soon as you are even starting to get down into that place where you need someone. In that place where you need a friend. They will bug out and either come back when you are all good again or never again. A fake friend will run away at the sight of danger. A fake friend won’t be their when you are at your worst.

Remember guys when you find your real friends don’t ever throw them under the bus. In life you will find plenty of people who will be your fake friend. But the real ones are far and few between. So don’t lose the ones you have because once you lose them you may very well never get them back. Also if you say you love your friend in a friendly way whether it be between a girl and guy, guy and guy, or girl and girl it doesn’t matter friends are allowed to love each other. Not only because they are your real friends. But because real friends will become family that are irreplaceable.

I was inspired to do this rant by people on twitter talking about fake friends and figured I would help them differentiate from the real and the fake.

Author: Dustin

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