Gay Marriage

So guys I just want to start by saying love is love. Okay so anyway people who deny that gay marriage is okay. Let me say this to you. Does it really affect you in anyway whatsoever? And I am willing to bet some of you may think it does but it really doesn’t so what is the point in arguing against it. Although people think they can fight gay marriage using the constitution as both a shield and sword. You really can’t due to the fact that it protects the rights of all human beings that would stand to uphold it. In addition go back say a couple hundred years in America’s history. Back then black people and white people could not marry under any circumstances. Actually for that matter slaves couldn’t even marry each other without permission from their master. Now lets come back to present time not only has slavery been abolished. But any heterosexual couple can marry whom they want the only thing that really limits that is age. Whereas if you are part of a homosexual relationship if you want to get married you either have to go to another country of one of the now 13 states where same sex marriage has been legalized. Now it may just be me no wait not all. But that is completely unfair to members of the LGBT community.

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Author: Dustin

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