Okay so this lovely little number is about Hannah she requested I rant about her so here I am. Okay well I’m not quite sure where to start really. Again like the last rant I shall start from the very beginning. At first I really didn’t know what to think of her. The best description I could really give is interesting. I mean she was rude at times and other times she was nice as could be. Especially like the times when we would be singing in the dish room just having a good time while we did our work. It was quite fun singing I’ve got a pocket full of sunshine randomly when I would least expect it. Actually funny story I was listening to that song when I wrote that last sentence.  Anyway then as I said their were the rude times when she would give small pushes in the kitchen and I really didn’t know at that point. Things went on like that for several months after meeting her. But something eventually happened that made us start talking more. And I must say I’m glad that whatever happened did happen because she is just awesome. I mean her personality is just so fun although I admit it can be a bit gritty at times. But I enjoy that. She actually is bluntly honest which a great thing to have. I mean everyone needs someone who will be like that for them.

Then not only does she have that interesting personality. But I really enjoy the fact that she also understands some aspects of philosophy due to her being part of the religion of Buddhism. Which is another incredible thing about her she is able to see things from the bigger picture not just from the insignificant perspective that most people view life. Sorry if people don’t like that but if any of you think about it, it is actually very true. Anyway I find her understanding of Buddhism amazing and her following of its teachings. Despite the fact I am not very fond of highly religious people due to the fact that they try to convert me. I actually like that Hannah knows enough about what she believes in to hold her own. But she doesn’t try shoving it down other peoples throats. Anyone who can do that I admire.

But the best part about Hannah aside from the fact that she is extremely caring and nice. Is the fact that she is just a great person to be around. She seems to make everything a lot for interesting just by being involved. Even in a conversation. Like a couple days ago I shared a picture on a social media site about my singleness. Then she comments being the caring and awesome person she is. Then after that we decide we are gonna spam some people. Upon coming to that conclusion she mentions several people in a comment on said post. After awhile of talking between us and two of our other friends. Hannah inspired us to start saying song names with “in my a**” right after the name. My post instead of just getting a couple comments and a like or two instead got like 5 likes and 300+ comments. A lot of these were hilarious and I won’t lie I took screen shots of several of the comments and look at them to cheer me up on days when I’m down. Anyway Hannah started all of that which really just made my day and I’m sure it made a couple other peoples days a lot more interesting to say the least.

Honestly I could probably go on and on telling stories about Hannah and end up writing an article that is 4000+ words long. But I’ll try to keep in concise for the sake of not overloading my website.

Author: Dustin

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