High School

Okay where to begin. Well I guess I’ll start from the very beginning. So high school was very interesting to say the least. I was never late and was just as easy if not easier than middle school. This I found to be kind of saddening and fairly annoying.  Due to the fact I was actually looking forward to the challenge. Especially when I am maintaining around a 3.5 GPA without even really trying. I mean really it actually discourages me to try and actually get the higher grade because it just isn’t hard enough. Really the hardest class I had to take was Pre-calc and really I would’ve ended that class with a higher grade had I really felt like trying. All my classes are like that though. I mean even though I used to be really bad at English and writing papers. Thank to a certain world history teacher at my school I have become very good at writing essays. Actually I have become so good to the point where I am actually writing two or three page papers in around 30 minutes. That are well thought out and receive around a 80%+ on. I really do enjoy the history classes though even if they are easy though. Mainly due to the fact that I am a history buff. Really though I find it all really as more of a social experience than I do as a chance to get ready for college. I admit I have learned some very valuable skills in my classes. Like becoming extremely fast at mental math with real life problems. Although again I just don’t find high school challenging enough. I still don’t study nor have I since really ever. The only test I have really ever studied for was the ACT. That test was hard compared to any test I’ve ever taken. To anyone reading this that hasn’t taken the test. Remember that you should answer all the questions even if you have to guess. Now I will tell everyone a little about the social experience in high school.

Personally I really don’t get to participate in the social life of high school anymore due to the fact that I’m really only at school in class for an hour and a half. That is because of the fact that I am dual enrolled in college while also going to a vocational center learning about culinary arts. However as I recall from my freshman and sophomore years. When you move to high school things are completely different. Unless you have a lot of friends odds are against you that you will have even one friend in all of your classes. So if you wanna have someone to talk to in classes then you better learn real quick how to make friends again. It wasn’t really that bad for me. I always managed to make a friend or two in classes because of group projects or because they were friends of friends. I must say after freshman and sophomore years. I had friends in pretty much all of the classes above and below me. Despite what some people may believe upper-class man are not always jerks or idiots, and underclass man are not always dorks and people that aim to make friends and what not. So it was quite lovely making so many more friends and getting to know people that I really would have never considered talking to before whether it be because of the fact that I thought they would beat me up or because they were weird. I admit back before high school I was a lot more judgemental than I am now. But high school has taught me how to be much more open minded about things.

Another thing about high school that holds true to me and I’m not sure about others, is the fact that I have become great at giving advice to people. It also showed me that I really do love helping people whereas before I always thought that helping people was stupid. I have to admit high school has even turned me into a bit of a philosopher. The books I have read for English classes. Or even books that the librarian has suggested to me have really expanded the way I think about things. I am not so oblivious to what goes on around me. Not to mention thanks to my favorite World Literature teacher I have learned how to see things from the other side of the fence when it comes to international affairs. Such as discrimination and other things based on race, religion, or both. So high school was a very interesting point in my life.

Even though I do not find high school challenging. The things I learned whether it be socially, mentally, philosophically were very important. I feel like the things I have learned in high school will be very important to me later in life.

Oh and on a final note to the readers of this. Not everyone will have as easy an experience as me in high school. Although it was not academically challenging for me. It was still challenging in other aspects. I can’t prepare of any of you for those eventualities. But I will warn you in this. High school is more to prepare you for the real world than you realize because once you get there things become a whole lot more real. You will be in situations where you are working with people you hate. You may find that you actually like them. So when entering high school try to keep an open mind and be mindful of what is going on. Or it could very well eat you alive.

Oh and another thing teachers and administrators deny that our school has bullying problems. No matter where you are. Any high school has bullying. I am not personally bullied in school. But I’ve seen it. I hope you administrators read this to because to believe that our school has no bullying is a delusional belief.

Thank you for reading and good luck to those who haven’t entered high school yet.

Author: Dustin

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