Okay so in my life I have noticed that some people celebrate different holidays or no holidays at all for that matter. In that I really can’t say anything since it is everyone’s own choice as to what they want to celebrate. However one thing that I cannot stand is when people hate on others for celebrating different holidays, no holidays, or holidays in general. I mean come on religion is something that everyone at least in the United States have the right to choose their own. So how can people find a way to condemn people for celebrating some holidays and not others or none whatsoever. Seriously like can’t you just be happy with celebrating your own holidays and keep your nose out of other peoples business. Then in the matter that your family invites you over to celebrate with them even in the case that you don’t celebrate that holiday and even if they know that. It would be nice to instead of flipping out on them to politely decline for reasons of religion or whatever the reason may be. Furthermore if you invite your family over for a holiday they don’t celebrate and they politely decline. For the love of all things good on this planet do not just start yelling at them for following their own personal beliefs or for whatever reason that they declined your invitation. So yeah in the end don’t try to force people into following your own holiday traditions and if you and the other people involved have different holidays perhaps if you both want to involve each other maybe some compromises could be made so then everyone can participate without any strife or fighting entering the family creating feuds and grudges that will make the holiday seasons dismal and not enjoyable for everyone.

Author: Dustin

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