Hope. An unknown word to the masses, the thing that most rely on, but very rarely give credit to it. All too often I hear things like “why hope?” “what is the point of hoping?”. It is really quite simple. Why not? Hope has a great power, it can help bring to life peoples greatest aspirations, however it can also cause some of the worst tragedies. Like love, hope can create or destroy. Yet hope is still worth it, mainly because hope is what keeps the dreams alive, its what nurtures all peoples inner child, its what makes all the darkness and tragedy of the world seem insignificant for just one moment, when the dreams of childhood flood through people, all of the happiness and joy of the past, and all of the aspirations for the future. That is hope, knowing very well that things are bad now, but also knowing that things have been better, and can get oh so much better than they were previously. Hope is savoring the past, and creating the future. Hope creates opportunity, hope creates love, hope creates pain, hope creates wisdom. For all the bad things that hope leads to, in the end hope is worth all the trouble it creates. For hope gives people the ability to move past the broken dreams, to fix those broken dreams, but most of all hope brings happiness even when it fails. For hope is an eternal roller coaster that will brings downs, but ups always find their way in soon after.

Embrace hope, for it will give the greatest gifts life has to offer, and the hardest lessons to learn.

Author: Dustin

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