Lost and Yet to be Found

Dreams are too often forgotten. Or sold away because you need to fit in with society’s image of a perfect person. Idealists fail because they have ideas not physical creations. So the idealists sell their ideas to the highest bidder. But what comes of stuff the idealists couldn’t sell. I’ll tell you what happens. They get broken and put into the lost and yet to be found bin. Waiting for the next thinker to pick them up and think them. So then the ideals become reality. But everyone faces the consequences of a familiar duality. Money and ideals can’t coexist. Money only brings about destruction and corruption of enlightened ideology. But let’s think psychology. Intellect plus dollar signs only equals madness. Then the madness turns into sadness. For in the madness the ideals are lost and yet to be found. Like the dreams of those idealists that were brought down by the dollar signs of societies madness. But the madness never ends. Dreams are always forgotten for that little dollar sign that pays the bills. For that dollar sign that feeds the children. Society has lost the ability to complete dreams. Anyone in society can dream, but one way or another, the dream will find its way to the lost and yet to be found bin. For a new person to find and then strive o make reality, but that is all frivolity for the dream will just go back to being lost and yet to be found. In the end the dreams are lost and yet to be found and the ideals corrupted never to be forgotten.

Author: Dustin

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