Marriage Equality USA

Just for the heck of it. I’m gonna do a quick throwback thursday update.

Remember when Marriage Equality was just a hopeless dream.

Now I’ll bring you back to the present
19 states allow same-sex marriage
11 states have had same-sex marriage bans challenged and put on stay waiting decision from appellate courts

Pride FlagNow lets not just be content once we are considered equals in all 50 states. After we get all 50 states to agree to equality. We must then bring about change for the entire world. So then that one line that is so important to American history can also be held true in the names of other countries. And that simple statement is that “All men are created equal”

Author: Dustin

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  • Kyliescupkake

    Couldn’t agree with u more. It is siuckening how people think the can take away rights of others. Allthose cons in congress should be in jaul.

    • I agree with you but please do try and spell things correctly and use proper grammar and no more shorthand or texting type language.

  • Miller

    I find your article a very good read. I do support rights for homosexuals throughout the world. I find it inspiring that a man as young as yourself, has taken up the call to fight for one’s rights. Truly this is what America was built on.

    • Thank you very much I am more than happy to answer the call to fight for equality because not only am I gay but no one deserves to be discriminated against for any reason whatsoever. I will not stand for or follow people who would willingly discriminate against someone for something they cannot control.