Midnight Memories

Okay guys I have to say I love One Direction like a lot. But I must say this album was my favorite of the three they currently have. I don’t know what it is about the album but every single song just makes me want to rock out or sit down and cry. I mean come on you can dance all night to the Best Song Ever while thinking about some Midnight Memories, then once your done thinking you can sing along to the Story of My Life and then tell your own. Who wouldn’t want to do that. Well if you want to do that y’all should buy their album here is a link http://amzn.to/1crWZ5i

But for real though I definitely love the album. All the songs are great and hold a lot of meaning to me especially the beginning of Half a Heart. I almost sobbed the first time I heard it. Just the sleeping with the sweater and just ugh. Well anyway you stay classy Directioners and anyone else who reads this. 😀

Author: Dustin

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