Money Equals Happiness

So I’ve heard money=happiness so many times in my life. I find it quite disheartening that humanity has sunk so low as to believe that something as trivial as paper currency is equal to one of the greatest human emotions. Although I do know where this atrocity stems. It is from the wonderful feeling that someone feels when they give money to a charity of something similar to that.¬†When in actuality in no way is money making that person happy. That person is happy because they gave there own wealth away to help people of lesser fortune or victims get the help they deserve. So in no way does money equal happiness. Although in some contorted and messed up way I suppose money could buy happiness but only through the act of giving it away to help others. And if it is believed that money can help people achieve happiness then they are delusional to the fact that in the end money will not do anything for you. Whereas helping someone even in the smallest way will help to preserve your memory as a good person of this planet. Which for me personally is good enough to make me happy.

This rant is brought to you by Haley thanks for the idea.

Author: Dustin

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