One Direction

Okay everyone I’ll be honest I love One Direction. Their music helped me get through a lot of hard times. A lot of people think their music is stupid but I would disagree completely. Some people just are stuck to their own opinions and really don’t like them. Then their are other people who just don’t like them because of the people singing not the music. But you know whats funny if you have those people listen to their music and not tell them who it is until after the song is over they will probably like the song. I would personally suggest their songs to anyone just because once you actually are feeling the same emotion as their songs are trying to show. You will actually not only understand the music better you will also like the music a lot more. But as I said it is really the persons choice to decide whether or not they like the band.

My Opinion of One Direction

Now me personally I love all of their songs every time I think I’m bored of their music. I go back to some of the older songs and I’m hooked again its really great. Since in reality music for me is something that usually changes fast I never like something for very long and tend to get bored of it quickly. But I always find myself coming back to One Direction. Its funny really that one band could change my views on music. I went from loving music for a short time three and a half years ago. To now liking music forever really. I still listen to such a wide variety of music. But I’d be a liar if I didn’t admit most of my library of music is One Direction songs. So in the end I must say they are probably my favorite band even more so than the Beetles and Green Day. I would recommend anyone listen to One Direction just try it once before you dismiss them as the typical boy band. Oh and for all you who hated them because of What Makes You Beautiful. Perhaps you should try listening to some of their newer music. Since in reality as their age changes. Their music is growing with them. It isn’t only pop music anymore its more like pop and rock being fused together. Then throwing some classic dance moves and you get and awesome music video. Like in Best Song Ever with the classic stop the traffic then let it through move.


Author: Dustin

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