Prom For All

I was recently informed that at my school (Olivet High School) the principle was trying to ban same-sex couples from prom. Now I realize some people may support this decision because homosexuality is wrong according to the bible and other religious texts or some might agree with the ban just because of the sheer fact that they are against homosexuality. However the funny thing about my school is that we are a public school that is funded by the state. As I recall their is a separation of church and state. Therefore a ban of that sort cannot be made on basis of religion. Furthermore that is discriminating against not only me but any other people whom have a significant other of the same gender. So in reality how can a state institution such as a public school make such a ban. I may only be a junior this year. But next year if this sort of thing tries to push forward again I will not stand for it. I also ask for the help of the online community to support me in the fight against homophobia.

Frankly this cannot be stood for. Someone is trying to discriminate against all LGBT people in a public school by not allowing them to go to prom together. Correct me if I am wrong but that is a huge problem of civil rights. Not only for me and my fellows that are LGBT in my grade but anyone like us that comes in after we are out of school.

So remember Prom for all. Not just some.

Author: Dustin

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