Rainbow Invasion

Hello everyone I know this may seem a tad odd coming from me. But I want to do something for the people of the world who feel trapped and oppressed. I know coming out for me was something extremely scary even though I knew my parents would accept me. But for some of you that isn’t an option and you need all the support you can get. So I ask of anybody who reads this to show the world that you support the LGBT community. Some of us need to know that we are not alone. So join me with a simple rainbow or a pride flag. No matter what it may be. Join me in bringing social media to a very colorful light. I ask of anyone who truly supports or is part of the LGBT community to stand up and raise your rainbow with pride for we are not alone and together we are strong. So everyone show your rainbow to help protect those who feel like they have no one. Who feel like they are freaks. Join me in this cause not because it is a good cause. But because it is right. Although some may disagree with that I don’t care. For once I will not hold back this. For everyone deserves some sort of support. So why not show everyone just how powerful we are. Not only as a community. But as a people who have had our rights taken for any number of reasons. Let us show our pride because we cannot be frightened by the those who would deny us our rights. Or kill us for our rights. No we must show our pride in who we are because if we don’t. Then who will. The answer to that question is. No one will. So show your rainbow and hold it high. For even though it is pride month in the U.S. Let us make this a month of pride worldwide.

Let us start a Rainbow Invasion

Author: Dustin

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