Lost in the darkness

Unable to see beneath

The foggy breach


The haze of the mind

So sour and full of hate

A shrouding whisper

Of distasteful faith
A faith of evil

A faith of hateful traits

A destructive wave

Of minds wasting away


A cry for help

That no one can really

Ever truly hear

For the fear is wailing

For the return

Of something wicked

Hidden from the eye

Of the forsaken mind

Of the forsaken soul


Some surround the soul

To protect it from the wraith

Of fear itself

Only to be pushed

With resounding thunder

Away from that soul

Thrust away from it not by fear

But by souls pride of the heart


The soul is eaten

By fear

By hate

Of self

Of Mind

Of Body


True understanding

Only ever comes

When the soul is dying

Author: Dustin

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