The Great Mother

Caressed the skin of the blazing earth, a single man stood resolute. Calmly the man waters the great mother, coaxing her with loving words of better times. The great mother knew all too well her time was fading, so she gathered all her strength to the man, yes the last man whom the mother trusted. She whispered to this man with the last of her strength, “Take with you these words of wisdom of which I utter. No longer let silence stand for discomfort, let in instead be comfort and contemplation. No longer let man fester hatred in his heart so wars may not start. No longer let lies corrupt the mind of man, so then truth shall always reign. No longer allow intolerance of any, so one day man may truly be all loving just as the gods they spoke. No longer allow the desecration of nature for petty gain, so then the next mother whom man should know can show man all of her great wonders and powers. Lastly my child I have for you a few gifts. Firstly, a women who shall be made of my last living tree. Secondly, a ship for you both too escape made from my last breath of wind. Thirdly, food and drink from the last living animals and waters. Lastly, my child I give you the name and location of my sister, treat her well so then she may be an even greater mother than I. Remember the utterances of I the dying mother earth, for if you follow them no society shall be greater than yours.” Upon the last word the great mother had died, her last breath had became a ship as promised, her last tree now a woman standing next to the man, the food already in the ship as if the last wind gathered it, and the map to her sister lying there where the man had given her the last sip of water.

All who read this I expect you to understand the meaning. Ponder on this for a time, and see why our mother earth is truly dying. We squander her gifts, we lay siege on her skin, we pollute the air she breathes, we do all these things because we believe we are entitled to them. Are we really though? Do we deserve all the things this planet has given us? No we don’t in exchange for all the things we get, we neglect to give thanks, we wage war over the gifts, and oh so much more. All we truly return to the mother earth is our dead, and even that is being changed, for now our remains can be shot into space. Whether people are environmentalists or not, can we not realize what we do to our home is wrong? Or just as is in the story above, will we only realize when it is all too late, and all our history is washed or burned away by our own doing?

Author: Dustin

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