In the end war is such a trivial matter. People say that is necessary to protect our way of life. But only in some matters was war actually somewhat necessary. The truth about war is that it only exists because of close minded people who think they might kill others to protect what they believe in. In reality if people accepted that everyone was different in at least one way. If people learned to live with their common man or woman then we as a society could flourish. Not through war and not through hatred. But through freedom and through peace. For peace can exist once the people of this earth shed their differences and learn that we are all of the same species. Despite the fact that we may have different: races, skin color, religions, sexualities, personalities, beliefs, body types, minds, fears, and other things of that variety. We can grow as a species. For in truth without war as a species we could be flourishing even greater than we already are. We could be inhabiting many other planets. World hunger could very well be non-existent. All these problems that we have now could very well have been fixed had we as a species not been so concentrated on fighting each other over petty issues which could be resolved with people speaking to one another so long as they kept an open mind. But it seems that an open mind it to much to ask of most people. Can you imagine where humanity would be right now had the Holocaust not happened? Or where we could be technologically had the crusades not happened? Or even better where would we be as a society had the millions of book burnings never happened? Or even better where would we be as a species had most of the texts held in the library of Alexander been lost to fires? All of these texts and events that happened or were lost may have well changed humanity in a way that could have made us a better species. We could be expanding and growing beyond where we are now. But let us not talk about the what ifs. If their were a mutual agreement right now that no nation shall ever go to war ever again. And that all nations would work together for the good of mankind. Just imagine what could be achieved in the next hundred years. Our society above all would be safe from hatred and from fear of attack from other nations. No more would nations have to waste their resources on nuclear weapons or things of the sort. Instead all those resources could be used to create medicine or other important things that save lives. So in the end to end war we must open our minds to the fact that maybe we are wrong and others have the right idea. And in doing so we can create a better future for not only our species. But the earth we live on.

Author: Dustin

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  • Devon

    I imagine by now you probably figured out I am a very strong believer in republican values. And let me say everyone in America agrees world peace would be a great thing. But let us consider the following. If the United States were to never have gone into the middle east, never of entered world war 2, never bothered with the cold war. Then where would the world be. There would be no South Korea, just one Korean peninsula ruled by a mad dictator. The Soviet Union would still be alive and well, dominating Europe and Asia. And what of the holocaust? And what of Bin Laden, or the thousands of middle eastern civilians who are still alive today. People often ask why should America be the police of the world? There is a website ( sorry but I forget what it’s called) that is run by some organization that determines military size training and equipment of every nation in the world. It puts it all together and determines the order of the most powerful nations. Unsuprisisingly US is first. Also unsurprisingly China is 2nd. But did you know even at that the overall score for America is 3 times higher than China? Did you know America has more aircraft carriers than every other nation combined? And do you realize the mere existence of America is what’s keeping Russia out of Ukraine. Now as I’m sure you know I am very fair to others view points. ( or at least try to be). But when people ask me this question “why should America be the police of the world?”. The answer is very obvious. Because we are the only nation in the world that can. Now as I said before ever person in America wants peace. But at what cost? Do we allow the Ukraine to be taken over, and have innocent people lose freedoms. Do we allow civilians in the middle east to keep getting blown up? Should we just let these things happen then call it peace because we are not involved? Can we really sweep them under the rug? I do not want war besucase i hate oír enemies. I want war because I love the lives of the innocent.

    • You are sadly correct. I’m more so thinking in the idealistic and philosophical way in which everyone cooperates and all people decide to end war not just the United States. Everyone needs to take a stand for peace to happen not just one country. Everyone. Also if what was said above was not mentioned in the article it was probably intended but never included due to my forgetfulness.

      • Devon

        Ah, my apologizes. I thought you were speaking more along a political line. But I agree with you on that much. The day war is no longer necessary will be a great day.