A willow whispering wonders
Of thought, truth, and trust

But in the end the willow burns
Not for the thoughts of its mind
But the virtues that it holds

One may ask how a willow thinks
The answer is that all things living
Have tendency to think and know
They acknowledge and feel
Just much differently than most

For the truth of the willow
A tree with so much sorrow
Yet so much awing beauty
Is in the truth of all the trees
The philosophy is simple
Love the mother earth
All her creatures protect
For they are small and weak
But you the willow tall and strong

The other creatures may cut
The other creatures may chop
But you must still defend them
For you are nature and in the end
They return to mothers bosom
To be entwined by your roots
To feed thee nutrients of life

Now protect the children of
Nay save the children of
Mothers earthly love
For they are lost souls
Merely finding there way in life
Finding there way in love

Strong must be the willow young
Wise must be the willow old
For all trees must follow the willow
In protecting the life so valuable
Until end of time comes to bring
The end of all things life

But until then my fair willows
Follow the philosophy of the bellows
Breath in and out so oxygen create
Give humanity one last chance
To create or obliterate

Author: Dustin

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