You & I

The new music video named You & I just released by boy band One Direction as I have just seen is actually quite interesting. Despite the boys are simply just walking down a long pier.  Not only do their voices work perfectly with each other. They also had some amazing special effects going on that really just made the video pop. I mean really it actually almost reminded me of their first music video of What Makes You Beautiful. Mainly due to the fact that they were on the pier which are normally located on beaches, and What Makes You Beautiful was recorded on a beach or at least partially anyway. So anyway I would definitely have to say that the video was great. It actually was much more calm than the rest of the boys music videos. I mean all the other ones were full of lots of dancing or movement or just a whole lot of action. Whereas this video was calmer and with that calm mood it actually fit the lyrics and the tempo of the song very well. So I must applaud the boys for this wonderful music video. Especially Nialler just  because he really did get into this video with all of his special effects tricks. Not to mention his awesome new hair style. Remember everyone to watch the video here. Also don’t forget to watch it hundreds of times so then everyone will realize just how awesome it is.

You & I can break the Vevo record

Author: Dustin

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